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A Visit With Blue Pearl Software

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Blue Pearl Software, one of the emerging EDA companies in Silicon Valley. Blue Pearl Software was started six years ago with the goal of doing design analysis at the functional level and providing designers with control of their design from RTL through synthesis.

How to select the right FPGA Device

We have all been in a situation where we are taunted by the task of selecting the right FPGA Device for the next project. This article talks about what factors to consider while selecting a FPGA Device. We encourage your to add your comments about any other considerations that you use while selecting the device. FPGA Central also offers FREE services to help you select the right Device / IP for your project. Find out more at http://www.fpgacentral.com/find

Looking to Hire? Post Jobs for FREE - FPGA & CPLD Jobs - Limited time


For a limited time FPGA Central is offering FREE Jobs posting at FPGA Jobs Central.

FPGA Central Jobs portal is a great way to reach all the FPGA Genius who visit the site. The jobs posted here are also visible across the web like LinkedIn, MySpace, OpenSemi Jobs and many more.  We currently display 5000+ FPGA & CPLD related jobs from around the web.

FPGA Central usually charges $39 for a posting, but for a Limited Time we will offer these for FREE. We want the employers to see how effective the medium could be.

To post the FREE job visit - http://jobs.fpgacentral.com then "Post a Job" or directly visit http://jobs.fpgacentral.com/a/jbb/post-job . When asked use the discount code "HIREFPGA" (All caps no quotes). Send us an email at "info at fpgacentral dot com" if you have queries.

Happy Hiring !!

FPGA Central now supports OpenID


How to effectivly use the LinkedIn Group

So are you part of the LinkedIn FPGA Group yet? If not you can join the FPGA Linked Group by visiting: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/54049/5B3F2217B20B

Joining FPGA group is a great way of connecting of 1000's of FPGA users, marketers and executives without actual connecting to them. It enables you to search the group for a particular skill and still know they are interested in FPGA & CPLD.

According to Jason Alba it allows you to:

All the FPGA blogs in one place - Check out Planet FPGA

Tired of running around to read various blogs on FPGA from one site to another? Not know when a blog is being updated? Now you don't have to. We are bringing all the FPGA Blog under one roof. Check out the new Planet FPGA at http://www.fpgaCentral.com/planet .

And when you have some time check out the other planets in the Galaxy:

Planet GNOME

Planet Debian

Planet Apache

What are people saying? - FPGA Polls

FPGA Poll Box

FPGA Central : Your destination for all FPGA Conferences and Events

FPGA Central, the world's 1st FPGA portal, announced a better way to know WHAT, WHERE and WHEN about FPGA events & FPGA Conferences.

All the FPGA users sometime or the other have found ourselves searching the internet for FPGA related events, and we know its not easy...

World's 1st FPGA Centric Portal goes LIVE!!

FPGA Central is the central place to find complete information about FPGA Vendors, FPGA Products, IPs, FPGA Events, FPGA News and so much more.

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