Unique Solutions for a Demanding Market Space

Consumer Handheld Challenges

Traditionally, FPGAs have avoided the consumer handheld market during to its stringent requirements for low power, low cost, and small space. As consumer electronics become more sophisticated, new technology breakthroughs in manufacturing, packaging, and display solutions emerge. Market dynamics remain affected by the same factors: price, power and space.

How to effectivly use the LinkedIn Group

So are you part of the LinkedIn FPGA Group yet? If not you can join the FPGA Linked Group by visiting:

Joining FPGA group is a great way of connecting of 1000's of FPGA users, marketers and executives without actual connecting to them. It enables you to search the group for a particular skill and still know they are interested in FPGA & CPLD.

According to Jason Alba it allows you to:

Salaries unveiled - How much does it pay?

Curious how much does your fellow collegue gets paid, or what will it be like to work for someone else or something else? Now you can easily find out. A new web portal Glassdoor claims that you can find Salary of any company and any positions. We thought we will give it a try too and checked out how much our friends at various FPGA Companies are making, here is a snapshot:

All the FPGA blogs in one place - Check out Planet FPGA

Tired of running around to read various blogs on FPGA from one site to another? Not know when a blog is being updated? Now you don't have to. We are bringing all the FPGA Blog under one roof. Check out the new Planet FPGA at .

And when you have some time check out the other planets in the Galaxy:

Planet GNOME

Planet Debian

Planet Apache

Synopsys acquires Synplicity - So what does it mean for an FPGA Guy?

Synplicity, Inc. (Nasdaq:SYNP), a leading supplier of solutions for the design and verification of semiconductors, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by Synopsys, Inc., (Nasdaq: SNPS) a world leader in software and IP for semiconductor design and manufacturing. When completed, the acquisition will expand Synplicity product portfolio and extend the market reach of its industry leading products.

What are people saying? - FPGA Polls

FPGA Poll Box

VLSI, Robotics, Embedded Systems and DSP projects

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FPGA Central : Your destination for all FPGA Conferences and Events

FPGA Central, the world's 1st FPGA portal, announced a better way to know WHAT, WHERE and WHEN about FPGA events & FPGA Conferences.

All the FPGA users sometime or the other have found ourselves searching the internet for FPGA related events, and we know its not easy...

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