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AN077 - Creating an Analog Sampling Subsystem with a Linear Technology AtoD Converters and a Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP FPGA: A Step-

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This step-by-step guide will use an example instrumentation application, a semiconductor wafer process control monitor with a high speed analog input, to demonstrate how to quickly and easily create a high-functionality, analog subsystem using a LTC AtoD converter and a Xilinx Spartan-3DSP FPGA. The topics covered in this application note include the following:

Device Selection
LTC AtoD Converters
Xilinx Spartan-3A DSP FPGAs
FPGA Design
Using the Xilinx IIP Core
Integration of the IP Core
Board Design Considerations
Pin Assignment Considerations
Simultaneous Switching Output Considerations
Power Supply and Decoupling Considerations
Board Layout and Signal Routing Considerations

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Step By Step Guide, Analog Sampling

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