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AN119B - Powering Complex FPGA-Based Systems Using Highly Integrated DC/DC µModule Regulator Systems

In part one of this article, we discussed the circuit and electrical performance of a compact and low pro?le 48A, 1.5V DC/DC regulator solution for a four-FPGA design. The new approach uses four DC/DC ?Module™ regulators in parallel (Figure 1) to increase output current while sharing the current equally among each device. This solution relies on the accurate current sharing of these ?Module regulators to prevent hot-spots by dissipating the heat evenly over a compact surface area. Each DC/DC ?Module is a complete power supply with on-board inductor, DC/DC controller, MOSFETs, compensation circuitry and input/output bypass capacitors. It occupies only 15mm × 15mm of board area and has a low pro?le (height) of only 2.8mm. This low pro?le allows air to ?ow smoothly over the entire circuit. Moreover, this solution casts no thermal shadow on its surrounding components, further assisting in optimizing thermal performance of the entire system.

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