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AN119A - Powering Complex FPGA-Based Systems Using Highly Integrated DC/DC µModule Regulator Systems

In a recent discussion with a system designer, the re- quirement for his power supply was to regulate 1.5V and deliver up to 40A of current to a load that consisted of four FPGAs. This is up to 60W of power that must be delivered in a small area with the lowest pro?le (height) possible to allow a steady ?ow of air for cooling. The power supply had to be surface mountable and operate at high enough ef?ciency to minimize heat dissipation. He also demanded the simplest possible solution so his time could be dedicated to the more complex tasks. Aside from precise electrical performance, this solution had to remove the heat generated during DC to DC conversion quickly so that the circuit and the ICs in the vicinity do not over heat. Such a solution requires an innovative design to meet these criteria:
Very low pro?le to allow ef?cient air ?ow and to prevent thermal shadow on surrounding ICs
High ef?ciency to minimize heat dissipation
Current sharing capability to spread the heat evenly to eliminate hot spots and minimize or eliminate the need for heat sinks
Complete DC/DC circuit in a surface mount package that includes the DC/DC controller, MOSFETs, inductor, capacitors and compensation circuitry for a quick and easy solution

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