Event Planning & Promotion

Interested in Planning an Event At Your Company ?

The FPGA Central can produce a FPGA related technology event and help you to reach target audiences at your company. We are experienced in planning, managing, and working on events with other companies and have a strong community.

Whether you are interested in planning a 1 hr focused group, training or product demo, one-day tabletop information technology exposition, a focused event with speakers and exhibitors or a full-scale conference…FPGA Central can help or co-promote or collaborate!
We can work with your company to tailor an event to your specific needs. We can handle all aspects of FPGA or related industry events from planning, organizing and publicizing. With an experienced personnel and an office in Silicon Valley and Banglore, India, FC had conducted several of those. In addition, FC has managed FPGA Camp with 600+ attendees and 20+ exhibitors, which have involved seminars, workshops, various speakers, receptions, and sponsored activities.
Please send your inquiry to [email protected]