Web & UI designer (Job ID: FCWUID)

FPGA Central

Web and UI Designers maintain, improve and update websites and applications to create a rich, intuitive user experience.

Required Skills:
  • First and foremost, you should have an excellent eye for design. You should know great web UI when you see it, and be able to explain why it's great (even if you didn't create it!).
  • You should be an expert of XHTML/CSS/AJAX/Flash/Javascript. If you can cutup your own comps, so much the better.
  • Must have experience creating web graphics including extensive knowledge of file formats, resolution, and re-sizing of images.
    Experience troubleshooting browser bugs in IE, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
  • Of course, we're looking for self-starters - candidates who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction, and learn by asking the right questions.
  • Finally, you should have a solid portfolio of web application design. We want to see that you've built great web interfaces before, not just great websites.
Apply to (Email): 
[email protected]