How to Blog on FPGA Central

It is very simple to blog with FPGA Central, you don't have to be technology savvy. All you have do is to follow the instructions. FPGA Central creates a Blog for every registered user by default, so next step is creating a blog entry.

  • Register for an account, if already registered log-in.
  • Go to
  • Create a blog entry

  • Add the Title and Body (content).

  • You can customize color and fonts by Enabling rich text optionĀ and editing by clicking on appropriate buttons.

  • Sometimes you want to add photo or diagram to make it look better or easy to understand. There's a button for uploading photos. Just click the photo button to upload a photo from your computer. If the photo you'd like to put on your blog is already on the web that's fine too. Just tell us where it is.

  • If you want to put a reference, there is also a button to add link.

The fastest way to understand blogging is to try it out.


Enjoy Blogging!!!!


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